Treatments for pregnancy

A gentle nourishing face treatment

The treatment consisting in a delicate rozmasowaniu tired and swollen face designed to improve circulation, eliminate lymphatic edema, skin firming face.

Salt scrub body or selected parts of the body

The treatment consists in a gentle scrub with salt from the Dead Sea. Peeling causes exfoliation of the stratum corneum that the skin looks younger and more beautiful, and additionally improves the circulation of the massaged tissues.


Relaxation massage the face and neck

A gentle massage which is intended to eliminate the tension that arises in the future I have in the area of ​​the neck, shoulder girdle and facial

Relaxing back massage

Relaxing massage which we seated treatment is characterized by a unique delicacy and full security, bringing significant improvements in well-being of the mother.

Treatment for swollen legs

The body of the future we are constantly undergoes numerous changes. One of the common problems are swollen and heavy legs. This is due to deterioration of the blood and lymph circulation. During this period, are indispensable gentle massage of the legs that provide relief and reduce swelling. Woman feels much better, which is undoubtedly a positive impact on the child.

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