Massage stimulates the senses, causing well-being and release positive energy. In our Institute, we have the unusual experience of massage chances of therapeutic massage through which you get back to full fitness after a relaxing massage by that you forget about the stress of everyday life.

W naszym Instytucie wykonujemy masaże:

Therapeutic massage (30 min. i 55 min.)

Therapeutic massage is a method of physical action on the human body by means of different mechanical stimuli and manipulation mainly in the form of oppression of the tissue and the muscle structure of the kneading, the purpose of which is to call the local reaction as well as the general structure of the muscle and bone and joint of the body.                                

Lymphatic drainage (30 min i 55 min )    

Lymphatic drainage is one of the methods of physical treatment. Use appropriate blows as to improve lymph circulation preventing diseases caused by the formation of stagnation, as well as eliminating stasis edema, inflammatory and absorbent. It also helps to improve the flow of lymph with a history of infectious diseases and cancer, accelerating recovery.


Relaxation Massage Tao (55 min )

Relaxation massage stimulates the muscles, skin and cardiovascular system, and also a great effect on the nervous system - balances the body sent by the negative reactions to stress, eliminates the involuntary muscle tension, restores normal heart rhythm, proper circulation and blood pressure, and even helps to fight insomnia .                 

Tibetan Massage (55 min )  

Tibetan medicinal massage technique combines elements of classical massage ayurwedyjskiego, deep Chinese massage, acupressure, and simple but effective techniques of manual therapy. Grips used in areas of soft tissue and articular apparatus are differentially impact. From very fine to very deep, stimulus, even painful. Selection of a particular technique depends on the psycho-physical patient and on the type of the problem or disease. Therapeutic Massage Tibetan achieves very good results in addressing problems arising from high levels of stress. Quickly and effectively eliminates muscle soreness.                          

Shiatsu massage (55 min )        

Japanese massage technique derived from ancient Japan. It involves finger pressure at special points and power points. Its principle is based on the theory of flow through the meridians of the body of energy "KI" ("CHI"), which consists of two opposing but complementary forces of YIN and YANG. Shiatsu treatment introduces harmony, triggers the healing forces of the body, improves the functioning of the internal organs, reduces fatigue and tension, improves mood and prevents diseases.

Hot Stone Massage (55 min )

Hot stone massage has a relaxing, revitalizing and healing the whole body, perfectly eliminates all tensions and muscle pain, especially after a long workout. The combination of hot basalt stones with appropriate relaxation massage techniques and acupressure is beneficial for tired, stressed body and mind of modern man, relaxing and regenerating the whole body and mind.           

Manual therapy (30 min )  

Manual therapy is a manual restore proper mobility locked circles, joints and nerves. The therapist also skillfully stretches the muscles spasms, in the case of disk failure, manually improves the mobility of adjacent tissues to speed up his recovery. To maintain progress in treating therapist recommends suitable exercises and gives guidance to maintain the correct posture during the day and night.                    

Foot reflexology (30 min )  

Foot reflexology is intense pressure massage designed to activate the regenerative processes and detoksykacyję body. With the appropriate stimulation of receptors (via the nervous system) tries to appropriate organs, body systems, and stimulates the processes of self-regulation.

Ear candling (30 min )

Ear candling is a very enjoyable and relaxing form of treatment. It is an alternative to traditional methods of cleaning ears. Deeply soothes, relieves headaches, reduces tinnitus.


Classical Thai Massage (90 min)

Very effective therapy combines elements of yoga, acupressure and reflexology. It improves circulation, flexibility and muscle tone. Especially recommended for people with zesztywniałym neck, back; tired excess work or physical exercise. Will also bring relief to people suffering from arthritis and disorders of limiting the range of motion in the joints. Thai massage is a real boost of vitality that gives long-lasting feeling of relaxation.

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