Body treatments

Body wraping (do 1,5 h )

Body wrapping is a procedure which consists of wrapping the body with a special film on previously coated body. Wraps the whole body or its individual parts. The aim of treatment is to stimulate blood and lymph circulation, and thus - slimming, smoothing, reduce cellulite, improve skin condition.                                  

Salt peeling (45 min )    

Peeling salt used based on Dead Sea salts smoothes and firms the skin, removing dead skin. It effectively cleans and brightens stimulating microcirculation. Thanks to the olive oil prevent dry skin. This facilitates the absorption of nutrients. Effective in the fight against cellulite.                               

A treatment based on coconut oil (55 min )

Coconut Spa is a truly exotic expedition to the island of relaxation and heavenly feast for the senses. After the treatment the skin is perfectly hydrated, toned, velvety smooth and radiant glow.


Anti-age treatment (55 min )    

Treatment of the aging anti body stimulates the body to produce endorphins are responsible for improving the well-being and relaxing effect. The formulations are used for the treatment with a mixture of vitamins A, E, F, H, minerals, iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. These ingredients combined with polyphenols and flavonoids slow down aging and keep your skin in perfect condition.

Detox treatment with mud (55 min )

The mud because of its therapeutic and nursing action is now one of the most valuable cosmetic ingredients. The treatment is based on natural substances of mineral and vegetable origin. Significant reduction of "orange peel" and the loss of centimeters by local warming of tissue and accelerate cellular metabolism.        

Anti-cellulite treatment (55 min ) 

The treatment which improves mood, stimulating and refreshing. The treatment improves microcirculation and stimulates lipolysis wrapping skin with a pleasant aroma. Anti-cellulite treatment is the perfect choice for someone who wants quick and visible results in the reduction of cellulite while smoothing and restoring the skin a healthy color.

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