Hands are a very important element of beauty and therefore should be beautiful. Velvety skin and shapely, healthy nails are the pride of every woman, part of her beauty and femininity. Healthy nails should be flexible, smooth glossy color pale pink. They can be painted, but well groomed, polished tile is also very aesthetic.

Our Institute offer

Traditional manicure

  • Traditional cut-out skins
  • painting nails

 French manicure

  • removing skins
  • Nail varnishing with a distinctive white tip

 Manicure SPA

  • peeling,
  • mask,
  • creme,
  • massage,
  • painting

Hybrid Manicure

  • removing skins ,
  • nail varnishing special lacquer-curing in the lamp as causing increased durability

Basic Extensions Nail tips / mold and acrylic / gel

Embellishments : Rhinestones Swarovski  and Acrylic

Additional services:

  •      download nail extensions,
  •      Shortening + glossing,
  •      Repair nail

We extract the hidden beauty in you