Mesotherapy is a method involving the injection into the skin of small quantities of medicinal substances . Using micro- puncture technique is introduced intradermal biologically active compounds that improve microcirculation , moisturizing , nourishing .
Years of exposure to harmful environmental factors , stress , smoking, drugs , solar radiation leads to adverse changes in the skin. Mesotherapy allows you to reverse many of the adverse changes and is a valuable component of anti -aging medicine .
Is the treatment painful?

The injections are made with very thin syringe needle at 0.5-1.5 cm. After the treatment, the traces remain on the skin in the form of small dots , depending on the - art procedure.

The duration depends on the type of traces of the product - for 4 - 72 hours .
Most use a mixture of:


  •     aminoacids ,
  •     vitamins ,
  •     organic silica ,
  •     micronutrients ,
  •     hyaluronic acid ,
  •     plant extracts .

Hyaluronic acid fills the space between collagen fibers and attracts water , so that the skin is optimally hydrated . With better vascularisation of the skin is better oxygenated , brighter , healthier .

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