Hyaluronic acid fillers

Hyaluronic acid occurs in the skin in a natural manner - is an essential component of the skin , which maintains the proper level of hydration and firmness . With age, unfortunately, its quantity gradually decreases , whereby the skin dries out , becomes looser , wrinkles, lips and cheeks and lose its volume .

Preparations containing hyaluronic acid injected into the dermis , effectively supplement its deficiency , moisturize the skin , fill wrinkles, give volume, model lips , enhance facial contours , stimulate the natural regenerative processes of the skin, so that even after absorbing formulation skin looks better than before surgery.
volumetric Lifting

Volumetric Lifting

Treatment with the crosslinked hyaluronic acid treatments cause an increase in the volumetric firmness chin , cheek and cheek bones that have weakened and collapsed as a result of age-related decrease in body weight and body fat loss . Immediately after the surgery you will notice that the contours of the face is fuller and rounder ... giving your face a softer , younger look .

Lip augmentation

It is no secret that the mouth is an important element of a beautiful face - a friendly smile , a kiss or a quick change of expression - mouth always attract attention! Lip augmentation procedure performed in our Institute When injected into a line or wrinkle in the mouth ( contour, red ) preparation binds water and increases the volume of the area by smoothing wrinkles and lip contour modeling . The effects persist from 8 to 12 months and depend inter alia skin type and lifestyle

The adjustment nose- hyaluronic acid

Injections product based on hyaluronic acid are able to visually adjust too small or too raised nose , and a disproportionately large tip of the nose . With the help of acid can improve the shape of a bent nose after the break and develop the missing bridge between the tip of the nose , and his backbone . The most common surgeries guests aesthetic medicine physicians are people who want to get rid of a bump on the nose. 

Hyaluronic hydrolift 

Hydrolift treatment comprises administration of hyaluronic acid in the vicinity of the cheeks and temples special linear technique . Generation line of hyaluronic acid in the skin allows non-invasive way to get the effect of lifting the upper and lower facial area and lower eyelids . Improving the contours of your face is visible immediately after surgery . The effect of a single treatment Hydrolift can be compared to procedures performed devices emitting radio waves . The following step is to improve the contours of the face and tension . The treatment has two-way action on the one hand threads hyaluronic give the effect of lifting , on the other hyaluronic acid moisturizes and revitalizes the skin . Longevity of this treatment, like other captured with the hyaluronic acid is about 9-12 months

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