Fractional co2 laser


Laser skin resurfacing has been called the anti-aging breakthrough of the 21st Century. Fractional CO2 creates perforations in the skin, so there IS crusting and you DO look bad for a week. The Fractional co2 laser heats up columns of skin without “perforating”, so there is little or no crusting and you just look a red and puffy for a few days. But the main difference is worth repeating: we use each laser to treat different problems. Fractional CO2 laser is our first choice for sun damage, wrinkles, and texture of the skin


Pacient after first Fractional Co2 laser treatment ( 1 month after skin regeneration ) 


It Is a painful treatment ?


At energies above 10 mJ pulse We have an unpleasant tingling sensation . At higher energies , We Apply anesthetic cream ( EMLA ) for at least 30 minutes before treatment 



Fractional Co2 Laser is good for :


acne scars , surgery , burns

treatment of photoaging

elimination of wrinkles , stretch marks

Reducing pores


genital warts

warts Paronychial

fibroid (soft and hard)

hemangiomas absorbent

seborrheic keratoses ( flat , convex )

sebaceous adenomas

signs of capillary

sebaceous cysts ,

cherry hemangioma


vascular cocci


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