Facial Treatments

Express facial treatment    

Every care needs a good pre- treatment to obtain the skin free of impurities . Depending on the characteristics of the skin , this procedure can be performed every two weeks.   

Face treatment , fruit paradise '

This line connects the Western world of Oriental and ethereal East. Procedures are in the form of treatments inspired by the traditions of the Orient , and use unique active ingredients , often worshiped in ancient times , extremely effective and unique range of scents .

Caviar treatment     

Luxurious treatment for all who expect spectacular results . Collagen mask - caviar regenerates and tightens the skin , giving the effect of a facelift. Oval face is noticeably scratched and the skin smooth, hydrated and nourished.

Renewing treatment using acid Aha

Biostimulative treatment based on the synergistic action of mandelic acid , gluconolactone and lactobionic . The treatment combines gentle , non-irritating exfoliation with stimulation of long-term processes, revitalizing , and rejuvenating the skin restructured com .

Treatment with 24 karat gold

Luxurious , anti-aging treatment with 24 carat gold. It stimulates cell reproduction and regeneration . Promotes healing processes , migration, and cell metabolism . It stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin , immediately tightens and intensely hydrates . Protects against environmental aggressions , increases defense and resistance of the skin. Due to the molecular structure of gold helps fight cell aging , nourishes the skin and forms a protective shield against time and false allergens. Care home effectively reduces the depth of wrinkles in just 28 days, especially on the forehead and around the eyes and mouth .

Renewing collagen patches

The treatment uses collagen patches of animal origin , to maintain a high level of moisture , prevent dehydration and shallow minor wrinkles.

The treatment for the eye area of anti-aging / rejuvenation

Eye area needs to be properly nurtured since the age of 20 , when he begins to decrease collagen production . At the age of 25 first wrinkles appear . The procedure designed to thicken thin and frail skin under the eyes. Tightens , firms , strengthens and increases the elasticity and density of the skin , reduces wrinkles , smoothes imperfections.

Manual cleansing facial + with algae

The treatment relies on manual removal of facial skin impurities .

Facial massage anti-aging

Massage greatly improves the elasticity of the muscles and skin of the face . Massage works very well as a treatment for people with visible signs of the passage of time and as a prophylactic treatment . The effects are already visible after the first massage in improved skin tone , gentle facelift , better circulation.

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